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Protecting Individual Liberty

All across the nation local governments are infringing on personal freedoms at unprecedented levels. This isn't an Edmond value and we can't let it happen here! Stacie Peterson will always defer to the rights of the individual—not the government. She opposes government's usurpation of individual liberty and will insist that local officials adhere to the constitutional and statutory restrictions on government overreach.

Defending Those Who Defend Us

Edmond thrives due to the work of our Edmond Police Department and their successful efforts to keep Oklahoma City crime out of Edmond. The aggressive leftists who seek to undercut/eliminate law enforcement are experiencing policy success in communities as close to us as Norman. We must elect local officials like Stacie Peterson who understand and will oppose the war on law and order and will defend the members of Edmond PD.

Safeguarding the Budgets of Edmond Families 

From city utility rates to sales and property taxes, Stacie Peterson will insist that city needs be met with new efficiencies—not higher rates or taxes! Many Edmond families are currently struggling to keep up with the city's ever-increasing water rates. Edmond rates now far exceed many other metro area communities. Peterson wants to put a stop to these increases and keep Edmond water charges in line with fair and actual value.