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An Edmond resident since 1973, Stacie and husband Doug of 32 years, parents to two and grandparents to two more, live in the Twin Bridges neighborhood. Together they own Edmond-based Paragon Homes and Remodel and attend Life Church.

Stacie currently serves the community as a registered nurse; she’s an ambassador for the Edmond Chamber of Commerce; and is a member of the Small Business Owners Alliance, Edmond Locally Owned and the Government Council Committee.

Now, with your vote, Stacie seeks to serve Edmond as the next Ward IV Councilwoman. These events of the past few months have shown the importance of electing local leaders who understand the Edmond values of faith, individual freedom, liberty and entrepreneurship. These are values Stacie Peterson understands and will defend as our Councilwoman.

As a local Edmond businesswoman, Stacie Peterson knows the importance of locally owned business to our economy and she will stand strong against overreaching government bureaucracy.

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